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2016 Jamboree
Contributors to this thread:
Larv 12-Jul-16
Rich 13-Jul-16
AwHunt73 19-Jul-16
Mt. man 20-Jul-16
DDD in Idaho 23-Jul-16
ElkNut1 28-Jul-16
Larv 28-Jul-16
critterstalker 05-Aug-16
From: Larv
The 2016 Jamboree is right around the corner! Five ranges will be set up soon, two for the competitors on Saturday and the other three for the non-competitors for both days. Kids range on Sunday AM. Come on up to Stanley and support your State bowhunting organization!


From: Rich
I've had a great time at this event and highly recommend it to anyone who's never been.

From: AwHunt73
Location? Boise?

From: Mt. man
Aaron, last weekend in Stanley.

From: DDD in Idaho
So how was the Jamboree this year? Haven't missed it in a loooooonngg while but got trapped by the "competition shooters have to sign up early" rule.

Was the crowd up or down, how were the ranges, etc. etc.??




From: ElkNut1
I shot a couple of the non competitive courses & thought they were great! Big crowds this year & I'm sure that's good for the shoot all around. The payoffs for the bugling contests are 2nd to none! Wow! It can tempt a guy to participate! (grin)


From: Larv
I thought the crowds were up a little bit but haven't heard any numbers.

Shot the comp ranges and they were the toughest I've seen there. Definitely separated the men from the boys!

Shot ranges E and D and they were good as usual especially range D.

The following weekend we shot the Anthony Lakes Eastern Oregon Super Shoot. Everyone should shoot that one at least once. Scenery second to none and demanding ranges!


I shot in the competition Saturday and thought it was a lot easier than when i shot it 3 or 4 yrs ago. It was challenging for sure with all the black targets but nothing like the first year I shot it with all the mini targets at 35-38yds. Our first target that morning was a caribou at what everybody guessed to be 63yds. this year was much better. One of the best shoots of the year.

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