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Relocation to Missouri - places to shoot
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Little Bear 19-Jul-16
Show-Me Greg 20-Jul-16
Little Bear 20-Jul-16
From: Little Bear
My son will be relocating to Raytown, Missouri in August. We are going on a Wyoming antelope hunt in early September and he needs a place where he can continue to practice.

Does anyone know of any archery ranges/clubs in the area? A good proshop in the area would be nice as well as he will be in school there for the next 3 or 4 years.

Any advice appreciated.

From: Show-Me Greg
Jackson County Parks and Rec. They have an outdoor archery range that has hosted the National Field Trials.

Roger's in Liberty has a pretty good pro shop. BB Archery in Raytown used to be good, but I haven't used them for a couple of years.

Hope this helps.

From: Little Bear
Thanks much! I also saw, thanks to Bowsite, a list of 3D shoots in MO. That pointed me to a place in Independence and an archery club in Harrisonville.

Looks like he will have a few options.

Appreciate the feedback and the usefulness of Bowsite to help bowhunters connect from across the country.

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