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Fishing in 6A?
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TD 21-Jul-16
Maverick940 21-Jul-16
Arrow1 22-Jul-16
TD 22-Jul-16
Knothead 27-Sep-16
From: TD
Will be in 6A this sept, never been there before and curious about fishing that time of year. Mostly trout fishing. I know water in general is not everywhere, but have been reading on the state F&G site they do stock trout in areas around the state. I'd like to pack something like a tenkara rig to put some fresh fish in the pan at camp if we get some time and the chance to do so. Have done it in ID and MT and it sure is a welcome break.

Any fishing at all in 6A or maybe some nearby areas?

From: Maverick940

There's fish in the un it. In fact, there's some really good trout fishing available.

Some rather large German browns lurk in the bottoms of certain canyons.

But, I presume that you're elk hunting and you probably don't want to dive into some canyon just for fish.

By the way, what island are you on?


From: Arrow1
Can always hit one of the Lake Marys. I think trout might be best in Lower. They are all put and take stockers though. If your further South can hit Wet Beaver Creek. It gets stocked pretty good up higher near where it comes out the Canyon section. Some nice browns upstream in the canyon. Also have West Clear Creek, and Oak Creek.

Good places to go for a midday reprieve.

From: TD
Thanks much for the info! Yeah, elk hunting but if tagged early or have some down time.... pan fried trout sure hits the spot. It's fun and food mostly. Sounds worth bringing some gear.

Maverick, I'm on Maui. My hunting partner and I will be there almost the whole season. We fly with camp so space and weight is a premium. Those little tenkara rigs pack so light and small but work real well on small water.

thanks again, great info.

From: Knothead
How did your AZ elk hunt go?

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