Foreign lake ? Fly in Fishing
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SJJ 22-Jul-16
SJJ 22-Jul-16
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From: SJJ
2 questions: 1) Is foreign Lake in Ontario and if so where? I fished there about 40 years ago but can not locate it. 2) looking for good fishing info...I've wanted to take my son somewhere for a graduation present...maybe 5-7 days fly-in

many thanks

From: SJJ
Maybe its Foran Lake?

I'm not familiar with that lake and couldn't find it with a search. Not sure where you are or where is closest for you. The Red Lake, Ontario area is well known for great fishing and has good options. Viking outposts, howey bay camp, chimo air, Canadian fly in fishing. Lots of options. Howey bay or vicking would be my first choices. I hope you find where you went previously, it would be neat to go back. Good luck

From: Hitman
Great place

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