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VDGIF (quietly) separates Bear license
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Fuzzy 25-Jul-16
marktm250 08-Aug-16
tonyo6302 25-Aug-16
Owl 07-Sep-16
Fuzzy 07-Sep-16
Fuzzy 09-Mar-17
So, there it is. After much debate and gnashing of teeth (from both directions), they decided to slip it in on you during their website overhaul.

Now, when you go to purchase your license, it'll cost the same for the "Deer/Turkey Hunter" package (23 + 23).

Want the traditional Deer/Turkey/Bear? $195...nice.

What a racket....

From: Fuzzy
Well, it's a revenue generator I'm sure.

IF this revenue gain ties in with some positive changes for hunters/hunter opportunities, say for example, a spring archery bear season and/or allowing baited bear stands, it might be a positive move.

Otherwise, it's just a "new tax".

From: marktm250
Gotta admit that used to be pretty good deal for $46.

The next step will be the standard deer hunter package will only come with 1 deer tag ... you will have to buy a special tag to get the other 5 tags.

From: tonyo6302
I still get all with the sportsman license. It also comes with fresh water fishing, and a trout stamp.

The sad thing is, after waterfowl, state & Federal forest stamps, my license cost 208 dollars !!!!!

From: Owl
ditto on the sportsman.

From: Fuzzy
I'll need to look into the "Sportsman" package next year.

From: Fuzzy

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