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new to hunting Idaho, unit 10 or 12
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Barnesrt 25-Jul-16
LitlRiddle 20-Aug-16
From: Barnesrt
Hey, I moved here from Missouri to Walla Walla Washington. Did my first elk hunt with a rifle last year, saw several on scouting trips in unit 10. Didn't know you could ride 4 wheelers, so opening day on my way out I was over ridden by many 4 wheelers, ruined my hunting. So I decided to go back to archery hunting, ( I did this in Missouri with white tail deer) in attempts to limit the people and noise. So I camped out at my spot over the 4th, well their logging that area heavily. So my question is should I still try there or try unit 12? And any advice would be helpful. I scouted the Tom Beal area in unit 12, but found no sign of anything, couple of deer tracks in the valley, but not much. I don't want any one's honey hole, just some help on a general direction to go to, and scout. I like doing my own leg work, but don't want to waste weekends trying to find spots if there are no elk in the area. Weekends is all I have to scout, and I still haven't found a spot, and haven't bought a tag. Need help! thanks in advance.

From: LitlRiddle
In my experience elk tend to hang out around logging. It gives them a chance to eat moss/lichen and such from freshly fallen trees. But the loggin has to be fresh. If the loggers have moved on so have the animals. And as far as unit 10 or 12. Well I haven't hunted that region for the last 10 years or so. If I recall the tom Beal area is East of Lapwai and that was always a better area for birds Dove,Quail, Pheasant. If looking for Elk you will want more wooded areas say up towards Potlatch, Dworshak reservoir.

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