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East River Mule Deer?
South Dakota
Contributors to this thread:
caribou77 27-Jul-16
Brotsky 28-Jul-16
grizzly 28-Jul-16
From: caribou77
I've been out in western south dakota several times for mule deer. Had fun. Never killed anything big but it sure was a lot more fun than hunting Iowa. I havent applied for a tag in years (rifle) but this year decided to. Ofcourse I didnt have any points so I didnt draw. But was wondering if there are opportunities for mule deer with an east river tag?

From: Brotsky
Not for a non-resident. There are some resident opportunities but east river tags are not eligible to non-residents until the third draw, by that time the available tags are long gone.

From: grizzly
An east river archery tag would allow you to take either species/either sex but the numbers of mulies on the east side of the state is quite limited. Mulies have been taken in every county of the state but they are for the most part the exception in east river. There are some limited numbers along the Missouri and I think the numbers get stronger as you get farther north but that is just a guess on my part. if you are going to go clear to the north along the river, then you might as well cross it earlier and go west and get into real mulie country. Good luck either way.

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