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velvet shedding
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Sureshot125 01-Aug-16
Greg Kush 03-Aug-16
Bohunner 18-Aug-16
Sureshot125 23-Aug-16
From: Sureshot125
What dates to the Nebraska whitetail deer in the southern part of the state usually shed their velvet? We will be hunting there Sept 3rd through the 10th as we are hoping to see the bucks still in velvet.

From: Greg Kush
Our season opened on September 15th for many, many years. It was rare to see a buck still in velvet when season opened on that day. The past couple of years, the season has opened on September 1st and a portion of the bucks are still in velvet. I would say most bucks around here shed their velvet between something like August 25th to around September 10th. Not a scientific study, just based on my personal observations in the early season and from looking at trail cam pics over the years.

Others may think the velvet shedding window is a bit different from what I have written above.

From: Bohunner
What Greg said would be my observation as well.

From: Sureshot125
Thanks for the feed back. Maybe we will get lucky and get one in velvet!

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