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Unit 48 archery elk hunt
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Kurt 17-Aug-16
gpbizzle 24-Aug-16
From: Kurt
Hello all,

I am from Wisconsin and my boy and I are headed out to Idaho this year on his first DIY archery elk hunt. After considerable research, we've decided to give unit 48 a try however I have never been to the area. Everything I have read sounds promising, however now I am trying to choose a good staring point within the unit. Being from Wisconsin unfortunately we don't have the luxury of scouting any areas and with work I will only be able to take him out for a weeks hunt.

Has anyone hunted this unit before? How did you fair? Any recommendations on a good place to start? I don't want to take anyone's hot spots, mainly just looking for a decent area where we can get back in off the beaten trail (ideally away from the crowds and motorized vehicles which Ive read motorized vehicles are only allowed in the southern part of the unit) where there are a few animals to chase. He'd be thrilled even see one and hear some bugles off in the distance. Any advice/help/recommendations/guidance you may be willing to share would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to PM me as well, thanks.

Regards, Kurt

From: gpbizzle
check out This site has some great mapping capabilities with all kinds of info on access, fires, topo and more. It should get you what you need in regards to your questions.

Also check out This site will help you understand how to scout for elk hunting spots on your own.

If you take advantage of these tools, you will find elk. A good rule of thumb is to get a mile off the trail. Don't underestimate the terrain if you are coming from Wisconsin. Either way, you will have a blast.

Good luck!

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