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Good pro shop
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DartonJager 18-Aug-16
sticksender 21-Aug-16
JTV 24-Aug-16
From: DartonJager
I live in NW Indiana and I am looking for a good solid pro shop who's staff are trust worthy are experienced enough to help tune any bow regardless of make.

The only other pro shop I have dealt with turned me off after repeated negative experiences with things as simple as installing a peep sight.

Would be willing to travel 30-40 miles each way.

Thanks, DJager.

From: sticksender
You didn't say what city you live in. The pro shop I use is located near the Parke-Vigo County line, and I'd highly recommend if you're close enough to drive.

From: JTV
There isnt a "good one" in NW Indiana any longer...Blythes has quit servicing archers.....your best bet is to go across the state line to Illinois to Freddie Bear Archery and Sports over in Tinley park... Ive been there a few times. He's been there for it ......

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