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Question about youth license
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Titan_Bow 24-Aug-16
Greg Kush 01-Sep-16
From: Titan_Bow
Question for you guys, I cannot seem to find the answer in the regs. I've already bought a non-resident archery permit for myself. Question I have is, if I buy the $7 non-resident youth permit for my 11 year old, can he rifle hunt on that, or is he limited to the method of take of my license.

From: Greg Kush
Assuming the nonresident youth permit works the same as the resident youth permit, he can rifle hunt on that permit if you will be hunting during rifle season which runs from November 12 to November 20 this year. Whatever season is in progress, the youth can hunt with that weapon. For example, if you were hunting in December, he could hunt with either a bow or muzzleloader since those seasons are running in December, but he could not hunt with a rifle on that permit in December.

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