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Dugga-boy 25-Aug-16
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Dugga-boy 31-Aug-16
From: Dugga-boy
Hey, I just relocated to Lewiston, ID with my gf. Definitely loving it here and fishing has been great already. I chose ID strictly because I love to hunt and fish. Lewiston seemed like a good area to start. We both have jobs and don't start until mid-September. I am definitely going to be archery elk hunting this year before I start work. I have only hunted CO in the past and been successful. I have a good idea on how to bowhunt elk during September, but I am curious to know what units i should be focusing on right now. I havek been checking out ID elk stats, but I don't want to drive 6 hours to hunt since I'm going to CO as well. hunting between 2 or 3 hours away from home is ideal. I have looked at unit 10 for a solo-DIY hunt, but it's looking like slim pickings with the elk herd so low from many different variables. I'll take whatever advice is offered. Hope to hear from some of the experienced guys. Thanks!


From: shark
Dugga you need to look east. Check out the upper end of the Dowarshak reservoir area. The salmon river breaks are also good. Lots of private land up on the prarie so you need to get permission on many spots. Check out the Moscow area as well

From: Dugga-boy
Thanks for the help. I'll look into checking these areas out as time passes. I just haven't had enough time to spend scouting while doing the moving thing. I ended up buying a tag so I could hunt Unit 15. I'm going in blind but I plan on humping back in a ways and getting into the walk-in only areas.

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