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Any Anetlope Yet Anyone?
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bobin hood 26-Aug-16
DoubleDown 01-Sep-16
Bobbin hood 01-Sep-16
DoubleDown 14-Sep-16
bobin hood 26-Sep-16
From: bobin hood
Any antelope yet? 15 days and I'll be there!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Luck!

From: DoubleDown
A few close calls but nothing yet. What area are you headed too?

From: Bobbin hood
North of Crawford! My buddy who lives in the area said it seemed like the numbers are down! Oh, WELL! Just love coming to NE anyway, animals or not!

Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: DoubleDown
Did you have any luck? One of my friends was finally able to put an arrow in one. Not to bad of one for his first one ever, had almost 14" horns.

From: bobin hood
My buddy from Alliance shot a nice 14"r! It didn't seem that there as many animals this year. It also seemed that they started to rut early this year. I'll be back mid- Oct! Good Luck All!

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