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Remember When.....
New Jersey
Contributors to this thread:
Stan NJ 26-Aug-16
spike78 26-Aug-16
r-man 28-Aug-16
bill v 28-Aug-16
KJC 29-Aug-16
Elkman52 29-Aug-16
Stan NJ 30-Aug-16
Pintail 30-Aug-16
Doe 05-Sep-16
Chip T. 06-Sep-16
Fdales Finest 06-Sep-16
Jack Harris 06-Sep-16
mattandersen 08-Sep-16
bill v 09-Sep-16
Doe 11-Sep-16
Monmouth533 30-Jan-17
Doe 03-Feb-17
From: Stan NJ
...our FORUM was a cool place to visit and keep updated with our fellow hunters?? We used to have our 'doe kill' thread...'buck kill' thread...'seeing any rutting behavior' thread'...etc etc???

I used to love it...can we try to bring back our NJ Forum from the dead?? I miss it!

Just check in if you agree! Looking forward to a good year. 2 WEEKS!! Good luck and aim small.

From: spike78
A lot of states are now ghost towns I noticed. I remember this used to be good here and I don't even live in NJ.

From: r-man
I grew up in NJ and I visit this forum to remind me of what great hunting areas I left. The trail cam pics where great too. I seen some huge racks off RT 549 in mt holly and woodlane rd, 2 weeks ago. 24 inch spread. Looking twards Deerwood CC from 549, they where out there 2hrs before sunset .

From: bill v
I still check on this from time to time. I too noticed how dead it was.

bill v

From: KJC
I agree Stan. I'm as guilty of ignoring our state forum as anyone. Tonight when I get home I'll start a trail cam photo thread with some of this years pics and try to keep more active here.

From: Elkman52
I miss the "threads" also if you can't get out as much as you like it is nice to hear how other hunts are going and rut action in different areas.Thanks Stan lets make it happen. Jack we need you!!!

From: Stan NJ
Well it's a start!! Good to see some old familiar names!

From: Pintail
Stan I read more then I post. You are right, this is a great place to check in even if its just to say "howdy"

From: Doe
I check this page every day but is deader than a road kill deer on RT287

From: Chip T.
Opening day seems to come around faster and faster each year. Not crazy about the 90 plus temps for the weekend and just may sit out the first few days. Good luck to all you guys.

I miss the old!

It has been going down hill for the last 4-5 years with less and less participation. I spend more of my time on another archery site but that one is IMO going downhill but seems to be far more active than this.

From: Jack Harris
perhaps it has peaked... It does seem everyone abandoned the NJ forum.

From: mattandersen
The OH forum is dead in fact has been for sometime. PA still kicking but seems slower than past years. IDK why the decline!?

From: bill v
WoW , we had a "doe" sighting.

whats up Eric

From: Doe
just here killing deer in NJ. We killed 4 on Saturday

From: Monmouth533
I'm guilty I haven't checked in here in a long time. It went silent so I migrated over to the main forum. Glad to see everyone is doing well.

From: Doe
Bill, I need my buck officially scored. call me

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