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Az. Bowhunters, please read.
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Boris 27-Aug-16
AZBUGLER 28-Aug-16
StickFlicker 29-Aug-16
From: Boris
To those that helped me find an archery shop for my daughter in Show low, Az. thank you. On Friday, I spoke with Rich at Timber Mesa in Show low. I told him that I was calling from Northwest Penna. An that your shop was recommended to me from other Bowsiters. I told him that normally I would help my daughter get back into archery. But live 2000 miles from her, it would be a little hard. He told me about the package deals they offer. I asked what arrows they offer, he told me what they have. I felt very comfortable after talking with them and knowing that I could trust them. I skype'd with my daughter and told her to go there an ask for Rich. My daughter went there on Saturday. She asked for Rich and she told him who she is and that her dad called yesterday. He said he remembered and was waiting for her. My daughter said that he helped and worked with her through her purchase. They got her shooting and she was doing quite well, even after not shooting a bow for 15 years. She then told me that one of the owners (Dee) came over and worked with her. Helped her to stop hitting her fore arm. Beautiful black and blue and green and red and yellow. My daughter is very happy and looking towards shooting leagues and 3D. I want to thank the staff at Timber Mesa Archery for their help with my daughters purchase.


From: StickFlicker
Great to hear!

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