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Opening day 2016 archery AZ Strip buck!
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From: Awoguide

Awoguide's embedded Photo
Awoguide's embedded Photo
I thought I would share with you the results of an archery hunt on the Arizona Strip.

Arizona Wildlife Outfitters guide Cody Jalbert and his dad drew a pair of the 25 tags up there.

Cody and I made two scouting trips and on the second one Cody found a great main frame 4x4 that he decided he wanted to try and take on his archery hunt.

Day before the hunt started relocated the same buck and on opening day snuck in and arrowed the big boy at 20 yards!

Don Martin Arizona Wildlife Outfitters

From: Junior
Awesome! He looks like he is still shedding his winter coat? Maybe my eyes idk.

From: moch
Wow what a beautiful deer. nice Job Sir.

From: Scar Finga

From: StickFlicker
Great job Don and Cody!

It's probably shedding its summer coat and growing a winter coat.

From: Heat
That is a tremendous buck! Congrats to Cody!

From: StickFlicker

I think I have to be getting close to having the points to draw that tag. I haven't drawn a deer tag since you and I drew 12B back in 2004 (and you turned yours back in).

Wow, I guess the coyotes didn't ear it after all!

From: azarchery
from that angle that looks like a P&Y thumb!! the deers ok also:)

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