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Opening Day
North Carolina
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Greymule 08-Sep-16
goldy2416 11-Sep-16
r-man 22-Sep-16
Greymule 25-Sep-16
mgmicky 07-Oct-16
From: Greymule
Our archery deer season opens Saturday, but it sure is hot right now.

From: goldy2416
Hot is right. It was high 80s in Granville County. Saw a small doe and her two fawns enter a food plot around 6PM, but that was it. But what the heck- it was opening day, and I just had to go out.

From: r-man
You all have any NC pics to share, would like to see my northern states bucks .

From: Greymule

Greymule's embedded Photo
Greymule's embedded Photo
Here are two from the 2013-2014 season:

From: mgmicky

mgmicky's embedded Photo
mgmicky's embedded Photo
My first traditional deer taken last season with a longbow and wood arrows near Charlotte

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