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From: SectionRoad
I have heard from a Conservation Officer of three confirmed EHD cases in Bon Homme County and talked to many other landowners who have found dead deer. I have also heard from some landowners in Hutchinson and Charles Mix. I am wondering what the pulse of EHD is around eastern South Dakota? I hope these are isolated cases!

From: DR
It's looking BAD in central SD boys. Two neighbors have already found 6 dead just in the past few days. One was a real stud. Just barely recovering from 2012 and we get hit again. Damn EHD

From: Dakota
Nothing in the Northwest corner as of yet. We haven't had enough rain.

From: Hunterjames
just have heard the news of the EHD out there and was wondering if anybody has heard of anything bad just south west of Chamberlain. thanks for any info I am heading out there hunting this Thursday and hoping for the best. the way it sounds I may have to find a different area west farther>

From: Dakota

From: DR
I found 6 today including a real good one. Neighbors have found about 15 to the north and one a few miles west found about 30. Very depressing to say the least. Hand, Hyde, Buffalo and Beadle getting hammered this year.

From: Dakota
I see the game and fish are letting people return their licenses in the affected areas. We have had a couple pretty good frosty nights. How about you guys back there?

From: SectionRoad
Wow- I spent 5 days in Charles Mix County on the Missouri River and am very saddened by what I saw and heard from surrounding land owners. Unfortunately, I do not think land owners and sportsman are reporting all of the deer they are finding so the outlook does not look that bad on paper- but I can tell you that it is bad. In this area it is going to be another long road back from this round- sickening.

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