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From: Stan NJ
For the first time, I think I am sitting out opening day. I could handle the heat....its the thought of actually scoring, blood trailing, gutting, dragging and hoping to get her to the butcher in time that has me thinking...."that won't be fun".

I usually head up to Hunterdon for the opener but reports are sparse. I think Tuesday will be my opener...high 70's..I can deal with that.

Good Luck everyone.

From: Elkman52
Heading to Colorado for a 2 week diy elk hunt on the 13th.Hopefully there will be a Meatpole by time I get back.Shoot straight Good Luck

From: Trophy8
Not bothering myself. like Elkman52, I'm headed to Colorado for elk next week as well.

From: Chip T.
Same here Stan. Sitting out tomorrow for the same reasons. Will head out Monday AM. Loads of does around but only one buck, a 4 point who keeps getting humped by a doe. Good luck to you all.

Good Luck Elkman52 and Trophy8 on your Elk Hunts! I hope you got in good shape for it! :)

Been out there 3 times so far on DIY OTC with another Bowsiter and long life friend OTCWill. Got a cow 2nd year but held out for a Bull on my last trip last September. So 33% ins't too bad for hunting in an OTC Unit.

I would really enjoy to hear about your Hunting Adventures when you guys get back.

From: KJC
I have to work tomorrow but I'll go out if I get home early enough. I walk out of my yard in three directions and I'm in the woods so it's pretty easy for me. If I'm at work late I'll be in the stand Sunday morning.

From: bill v
Its dang hot out but, I'll sit for an hour early, cant resist.

bill v

From: jensbear
I got out this morning and had a doe down by 7:30, to the processor by 9:30. Glad i got her early, it was brutal by late morning. Watched 3 shooter bucks walk past at 12 yards before a couple does appeared from the opposite direction. Looking forward to the cooler weather next week. Good luck guys.

From: Elkman52
Dennis, Will is a beast!I am 63 I run a 5k 3 times a week And I just get by.I get my wind back quicker.This is my 22nd year in a row.I will go every year till I can't go no more.

I agree that Will is a beast! Elkman52 I wish you the best of Luck!

From: Stan NJ
Best of luck to the guys heading west!

I have yet to climb a tree....planned on going today but work schedules got in the way. Thursday afternoon will be my kick-off.

From: Trophy8
Thanks Stan, we are heading out, will report back end of the month.

Good luck guys!

From: Chip T.
Good luck to you guys heading to the mountains!!!!

From: Stan NJ
How did you boys do out west?? Anxious to hear.

I have been out a total of 2 times...yes TWO...highly irregular. Was going tomorrow aftn but that now looks like a wind and rain event. Been busy with work too.

On a bright note...earn-a-buck ends friday night.

From: Stan NJ

From: Monmouth533
Hi Guys- Been a while since I checked in. Hope every is good and has a safe season. Got a few young does added to the family keeping me busy.

From: Stan NJ
A few???? Do tell

Hi Rob, Great to hear you went back out west! How did it go? Guided/DIY? Details man, details.... Marc


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