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azarchery 10-Sep-16
AZBUGLER 11-Sep-16
Boris 11-Sep-16
Heat 11-Sep-16
Coyote 65 11-Sep-16
elktrax 18-Sep-16
Knothead 24-Sep-16
elktrax 24-Sep-16
azarchery 25-Sep-16
creed 26-Sep-16
elktrax 27-Sep-16
creed 27-Sep-16
elktrax 28-Sep-16
From: azarchery
I'm channeling my inner "elktrax"!! Only 363 days till I get to elk hunt again. I'm trying to stay positive. But I thought 6 points was enough to draw a cow tag with a 2nd choice also.

Lol. Way to keep it real! It'll be here before you know it.

From: Boris
I want to thank the Arizona bowhunters that helped me with advise on the archery shop. My daughter is having the time of her life shooting. She told me just how much she has missed shooting the bow. Timber mesa folks where great with her. I spoke with Rich there, an he told me that he would help her out. My daughter told me that Rich spoke with your dad and these are the packages that we came up with. He worked with her and got her shooting the ten ring within an hour. Then Dee, one of the female staff helped her to stop hitting her forearm. So, THANKS again. davep

From: Heat
Word up Azarchery!

From: Coyote 65
So I will be going into this draw with 9 points. You would think that they would give you extra points if you have to put up with elk leaving tracks in your yard, and all that bugling at night keeping you awake.

My wife will be going into this draw with 5 points, so she is going to put in bull first and then cow second so we can get some elk meat on the table.


From: elktrax
354 n a wake up tic toc.... I laughed when I saw the thread Doug... Just want to say my son and I were successful on our hunt.. we both tagged out.. was an awesome experience.. cant wait till next year.. tic toc tic he says he is ready for Javelina season now... me too lets hunt.. I started the 2016 AZ Elk Meat Pole Thread check it out... God Bless you all

From: Knothead
Geez! Stop wishing your lives away. I am trying to slow down father time and you guys are trying to speed it up. Hunt other stuff and enjoy yourself while you wait for the next tag.

From: elktrax

elktrax's embedded Photo
elktrax's embedded Photo
we are gonna hunt other stuff.. its just fun with the countdown.. Javelina and deer.. December and January rutting muleys... Javelina are a kick in the pants to hunt...

From: azarchery
Geez!!! It's a light hearted attempt at humor. honestly, I love pig hunting just as much as elk hunting. The week I came home from my deer hunt I picked up the recurve and started preparing for that hunt.

From: creed
The day I got back from elk hunting I started looking at maps and draw odds. I don't have many elk hunts left and need to squeeze as many in as possible.

From: elktrax
@ Creed.... how did your hunt go?

From: creed
I hunted about 12 days and passed on 8 bulls that I could have easily killed. I got too picky and went home with tag soup. But I had a great time! And it's nobody's fault but mine that I didn't take an elk.

From: elktrax
@creed.... its still great knowing you could have had a bull of 8 choices...And just being out with the bugling is a memory for a lifetime.....

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