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Success during rifle season
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TradTony 12-Sep-16
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From: TradTony

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Like most states, archery and general (other than archery) deer seasons openers are split. I hunted this buck in the middle of rifle season at a astonishing 17 yards. I hunt where firearms are prohibited but hunting is not. I also put hours in scouting and prepping. I had little motivation to go out for an evening hunt. My Buddy Norman had a close encounter so was adamant about hunting the evening. On a whim I decided to go. Upon arriving I vacillated between hunting my blind or not. We arrived around 6pm. By 6:30 i was settled in my blind. Barely 15 mins later this buck trots and gives me a broadside 17 yard shot. I avoid the crowds and hype. I enjoy the solitude, deer or no deer. Predator Recurve 60" 55#@28" GT Traditional 400 150 t

GO TONY!!! Pacific Hybrid? RESPECT

From: elkmtngear
Way to go, Tony! I haven't been able to pull this off yet...

Best of Luck, Jeff

GJ; grats on the trad kill

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