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Weldon Spring CA
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From: Popbow

Popbow's embedded Photo
Popbow's embedded Photo
Looking for suggestions on where and what part of the CA to begin scouting. We were lucky and drew out for Nov 19/21 rifle hunt. Any info on where to start looking will be appreciated. Thanks Popbow

look at the bottoms behind the water plant off 94 on the west side there is a little cemetery that overlooks a big valley that has a bruiser running it bumped him up while squirrel hunting

From: Popbow
Thanks, I'll let you know how we do. Location wise is this south or north because I can't locate the plant. How long ago was that when you saw him?

From: split_toe
North west Been seeing that deer all summer Always a few good bucks in there

From: Popbow

Popbow's embedded Photo
Popbow's embedded Photo
Split Toe, I hate to be a pest but the only water plant I can find is SW of HWY94.

I really want to get my boys some good bucks. My youngest just got back from Afghanistan and would like to have a good trophy hunt then my son N law has been to Iraq twice.

Just a bit more direction if you would. Thanks Popbow

From: split_toe
Popbow send me a pm with a phone number. I can meet with you show you the spots in real time. Your sons help protect my freedoms it the least I can do. After the 30th of this month I can pull my cameras and run them for you if its a drive for you to scout if not I can just send you some pics of my map. Let me know I'm free Wednesday and Thursday this week

From: Popbow
I sent you a PM.

From: split_toe
Call me Pop

From: Popbow
Split toe I would call if I had your number. Send me an email to Look forward to talking with you.

From: split_toe
Email sent Maps and teaser photos talk to you soon

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