another opportunity for elk?
South Dakota
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grizzly 16-Sep-16
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From: grizzly
I see there is an opportunity to apply to be a volunteer and help reduce the Wind Cave herd a bit. Help out with CWD studies along the way. If I was in a little better shape, I would probably apply. I know its with rifle but its for a good cause and you might be helping feed the hungry. Info on the GFP site. Maybe you'll get a steak out of the deal. Good luck.

From: tk
I saw this on the GFP site and read the requirements for doing this, sounds interesting. One thing I did not see, is will all the elk taken be cows or will bulls also be taken? I would imagine if bulls are also included, that the horns would be kept by the state. It also doesn't state how much meat a person would get, just that you "will be eligible to receive some of the elk meat".

i applied and think it will be great to get some elk hunting experience. if i get drawn great if not oh well no skin off my back. ill take a opportunity to hunt anytime. i put in for the late seasons not to take away from any regular hunting.

From: grizzly
I believe it said antlerless on the app. There did not seem to be a cost either. Just a little sweat. Application period was fairly short also.

From: DR
I believe this will be a "cull", wouldn't expect too much other than to get the opportunity to be outdoors and shoot an elk. Shame the drop/raise fence effort didn't work adequately enough to get them out onto BH or CSP huntable areas. Still better than paying sharpshooters to complete the cull though. They did something similar in ND on Teddy Roosevelt NP a few years back. If I was home this fall, I'd definitely apply myself though.

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