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Non-resident antelope license info
South Dakota
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From: Dwayne
A buddy and I have been planning to bowhunt antelope this upcoming week and yesterday a third person told us he would like to go with. We each called the SD GFP information phone number to find out if he could purchase a non-resident archery license at a regional office or in Pierre. We each received different information varying from 'it is a draw and too late to apply' to 'you should be able to buy one in a regional office.' I have tried finding the answer on their website but there is nothing definite on there that I could find. We are leaving early Monday so would like a firm answer.

So, I decided to see if someone on here had the answer. I have left phone messages with two conservation officers hoping they would know but they haven't called back yet.



From: Brown E
As a resident, I know it is a draw that I thought there was no deadline. I would think they would sell you an archery license but do not know that for sure. Check with Nebraska too. Much cheaper

From: KB
I was under the impression you had two choices for antelope and deer. Apply early enough to receive tag in the mail, or pick one up in person at the headquarters in Pierre. Let us know what you came up with, if anything... Also, just a heads up but, SD does require bowhunter certification. I'm sure you guys are all over it, but would be a bummer to drive that far and get a surprise.

I'll be chasing deer up there for the first time in a little under a month. Looking forward to it!

Good luck!

From: Dakota
You do not need a Hunter education if you have had a archery lessons in any other state before

From: Dwayne
Thanks KB. We hunted antelope there in 2009. Two of us ordered licenses online and have them. Nothing definite as to buying in Pierre but many have told us we should be able to get them there. We are leaving in the morning so will find out if it is true. :)

I am a resident so here what i have done, should work just fine for non res too because the tag is the same regardless just a different price tag.

1. You do not need a bow-hunter ed certificate. You can legally hunt in SD without one if you have held another archery license in another state. Doesn't have to be same year as this year, can be any year as long as you have held one. You don't need to prove it at time of application but would be nice to have one anyhow.

2. You can stop in at the office in Pierre, stop at the front desk, and ask to purchase a archery license or archery antelope license. They will print you off one right there, you can run your credit card, and boom you are on your way. It will literally take 10 mins to get one so i wouldn't worry too much. I do it every year cuz i procrastinate on purchasing mine through the mail and end up just picking them up in Pierre when i go west river for the opening week.

Hope this helps

From: Dwayne
Thanks everyone for the input. We took off from Minneapolis on Monday and headed for the closest SD GFP office in Watertown. We figured if we had to drive to Pierre we would just reroute to there. The good news is that our buddy was able to buy the antelope license there. I suspect, but don't know for sure, one can buy the license in person at any regional office or the Pierre office.

Oh, we had a lot of fun but came home empty. Part of the reason is that one of my friends passed up a doe that was 15 yards from his blind because he was going to wait for a buck until our last day. He also had one buck at 25 yards later plus a buck at 32 yards a day or so later. He is a good shot so the yardage wasn't an issue if was just that he always waited for a better shot. I figure one should take the first good shot one has. He decided not to shoot and my other friend and I were fine with that. It was his call!

Thanks again, Dwayne

From: Dakota
Glad you had a good time.

From: Brown E
Glad it worked out. For sure on taking the first shot that is presented.

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