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Ethics Course Done
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BULELK1 23-Sep-16
YZF-88 04-Oct-16
BULELK1 07-Oct-16
YZF-88 11-Oct-16
BULELK1 20-Oct-16
BULELK1 06-Nov-16
Just got back from chasing them dang bow elk in Wyoming and figured I better get my WF Ethics Course done.

This big storm is putting some heavy snow up high and it might not be a bad idea to jump up on the 'Face' and see what has dropped down low for a day or 2!!

Good luck, Robb

From: YZF-88
Thanks for the reminder. I totally forgot about retaking it (have last year's still in the pack).

I got side tracked with a fellow bow hunter that had the Willard Peak Mnt. Goat tag (Billy) and I still haven't gotten up on the Front yet---

I thought about it---but didn't carry my bow up on Willard/Ben Lomond even though I was legal up there too.

Good luck, Robb

From: YZF-88
I found a nice buck that wouldn't leave a does side this past Friday. Somehow I managed to stalk into the middle of the herd after they bedded and almost got him. Just went with my gut where they went (first time in the area). Came to full draw but didn't have a clean shot. Wish I had some vacation left. Going to end up hunting weekends with 1,000's of others.

It is always fun to go into a new area and get into 'em.

I just got home from a Blizzard week of Wyo elk hunting! haha

Keep the faith---------->

Good luck, Robb

I just got home from a week of elk hunting/OTC on the North Slope out of Red Canyon Lodge.

Ya gotta love Elk hunting!

After the late Deer/Muzzy hunt along our WF--- I am up there this coming Friday.

Let us all Pray for some SNOW!! haha

Good luck, Robb

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