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Florida Bowhunter 27-Sep-16
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Florida Bowhunter 25-Jan-17
Hello guys, hope you're enjoying an awesome archery season¡¡¡ Please, are any fella in Orlando or metro area? Thxs

From: 78cj5
I need to know also. I am looking for local eateries in the Orlando area. We are coming out for a vacation during December from New Mexico. If you know of any good little mom and pop, hole in the wall type restaurants with good food I would like to know. I find it is better to avoid "tourist" locations and you get a better experience from the locals. Thanks. With the new set up I am not sure yet how to get PM's but you can try.

From: Bowhogger
I'm up in Longwood, just north of Orlando. How's your season going? I've only been hunting once in my life, which was 2 months ago, and saw nothing but squirrels. There are supposed to be hogs everywhere, what the heck? Ha ha

Hi Bowhogger, just I saw 8 deer and one hog at Bull Creek WMA during my last "expedition" there... :-)) I am few miles below you ¡¡¡¡ I wanna explain you some hunting tales not for to sleep.... Heeeeeheeeee.... You know, Hunters & Anglers we're a greatest liars but our nose doesn't grow like that of Pinocchio...

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