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brewski 28-Sep-16
BowhunterDal 03-Oct-16
YZF-88 04-Oct-16
Finnegan 07-Oct-16
madfish 10-Feb-17
HDE 21-Feb-17
deserthunter 21-Feb-17
From: brewski
Why does Utah continue to be the worst elk hunting state in the country with the way they treat archery hunters? We don't even get the opportunity to hunt during the elk rut. What a joke!!!

From: BowhunterDal
That is a great question and I totally agree! I believe they want to get the archery done and over with as quick as they possibly can.

From: YZF-88
Good question. Just follow the money. With that said, neighboring states sure are glad they do it! I see more NR Utah plates at trail heads than even residents.

This year was the best date wise to have a Utah LE archery tag. My wife had one and the rutting action was meager at best. She still had a couple good opportunities though. I hunted the last week out of state and the rut was on! Very fun even having a short amount of time to do it.

From: Finnegan
Why? Because there are a lot of rifle hunters who have been waiting 15+ years for a tag and they aren't about to let their turn disappear. Can't blame 'em for that. But a few years ago at the tail end of Karpowitz's career, Aoude and a few other folks came up with a draft for a complete revision of the seasons that was a reasonable compromise. It got tabled to allow focus on the Opt #2 deer proposal, then everything changed at the DWR and it got lost in the transition.

From: madfish
10-Feb-17 can't auction archery tags to lazy rich people for $350,000. Only rifle tags. Hunting during the rut with a rifle isn't even fair chase in my opinion. SFW owns the DWR and the legislature. They are also the money behind the privatization of public land.

From: HDE
Well, if people would quit supporting SFW, (i.e. not going to the expo and buying expo tag chances), it would fall apart. That won't happen though, too many high rollers out there and young idealists...

From: deserthunter
Most people don't get rich by being lazy.

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