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From: Bostoned
Anyone have any recommendations for butchers in Rhode Island? I live in Mass but if I get a deer in RI and can find a reasonably close butcher I would probably utilize them. Any recommendations based upon personal experience? Or any that friends have used?

From: mrw
If you're coming back into Mass on 44 or 195 there's Charley's in Rehoboth & Norton.

From: Red Godin
Or you could do it yourself....Youtube has a video for everything and it's not that difficult.

From: Bostoned
Yeah, I could do it myself if I had the space, time, desire, facility, etc...... I mentioned this on the Massachusetts forum but whenever anyone asks for information on butchers it seems to always devolve into a "do it yourself" thread. In my personal situation, I can easily justify $100-ish to have a professional do it for me.

From: DeerDan

From: Tajue17
Deer Dan do you know if he vacuum packs the meat for extra $,,,,,, Bostoned what town you from?

From: DeerDan
Wrapped in plastic and bagged!

From: Bostoned
I'm from Shrewsbury, ma. Have family down in Tiverton area. Hunting some of the WMAs in the north part of the state. But as this is my first year hunting RI, I'm not overly confident. But being able to use the crossbow and hunt on Sundays are both big in my book. Plus being able to archery hunt into January is big too.

I have a very good butcher on Central Street in Burrilville. He charges $130. and will do steaks, Sausage, Roasts, Chops, etc.... Super good quality I had him do 3 last year.

From: Tajue17
Armand does he vacuum pack? and can you drop off with fur still on?

From: DeerDan
No he wraps in plastic but does a great job and no freezer burn.

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