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Hold On!!
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Swampbuck 05-Oct-16
itshot 06-Oct-16
r-man 07-Oct-16
itshot 08-Oct-16
From: Swampbuck
Buckle up kids!! Matthew might be a bumpy ride!! Be safe!!

From: itshot
hope all you guys on east coast come out this OK!

From: r-man
I am just out side Charleston SC , it looks like it going to hit us straight on. I am ready to go if needed, I have no confidence in my homes construction.

From: itshot
r-man, you should be fine if you are not right on the coast or coastal creek, storm has lost a lot of steam

swampbuck stayed put for the category 4 part of it and faired very well

Best of luck to you either way!

Be safe

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