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Harlan County Lake - Public?
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bukhuntr 20-Oct-16
steve hay 25-Oct-16
bukhuntr 26-Oct-16
lineman21 29-Oct-16
kluzakd 31-Oct-16
lineman21 31-Oct-16
From: bukhuntr
Myself and three buddies are venturing 19 hours from GA to Alma for a week of bowhunting. We will arrive on Nov 5 and depart on Saturday Nov 12.

We have never been to the area before and haven't been able to really find much in the way of information as to what to expect. We are bringing Lock Ons and Ground Blinds. We are all four very experienced bowhunters and are looking forward to an adventure.

Can anyone offer up any tidbits of advice? We have poured over the aerial and topos, but I know what might look promising from above is much different on the ground. I assume everything will key on food and where the does are that week. What kind of goal for a quality buck should we have? Going in blind, we are hoping for 120" plus 3 year olds or better. Is that realistic?

From: steve hay
I see that no one has responded so will try to provide a little info. You are picking a great time to come hunt. Chasing should be good, temperature dependent. Look at area straight South of the lake, called Prairie Dog, next to the Kansas line about 1-2 miles. All public. When I draw a Kansas tag I see bucks roaming back and forth in that area. Check out area South of Orleans. Little town west of the lake. Have a good hunt. Nebraska deer hunting can be a great nonresident value.

From: bukhuntr
Thank you Steve for the tips! We are getting excited.

From: lineman21
I'll agree with what Steve said. I've never hunted there but work every day around there. I know of a few access points that may get you away from other hunters and in some good spots. PM me if interested.

From: kluzakd
Cole, This is Ken Kluza, I met you a few years ago at Medicine Lake SWA. I am retired Air Force and live in CO. Do you still live in Cambridge? Can you give me a few access points that may get you away from other hunters and in some good spots at Harlan Reservoir near Orleans/Alma also? I would appreciate it. Thanks. Ken

From: lineman21
Sure can Ken. Send me a message and I'll get you set up.

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