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From: Sailfish
How come I can't see any of the embedded pics in threads?

From: itshot
i think pat's still tweaking mobile format..try turning phone 90°

sometimes it helps but not always, yet

From: Swampbuck
Can't see them all the time either, nor can I edit a pic after posting. I'm sure Pat will have it all straightened out soon

From: Swampbuck

Swampbuck's embedded Photo
Swampbuck's embedded Photo
Can you see this one?

From: itshot
hell yeah!

nice pig!

From: Swampbuck
My son got his first real taste of buck fever this past weekend. It was his first time bow hunting alone. I was walking him into the stand for an afternoon hunt, the hogs were already in there. We were 200 or so yards away and the wind was in our face. Couldn't have been any better.

There was over a dozen there coming in and out of the woods, some laying down and others doing the nasty as he put it. I grabbed my bow and knocked an arrow and told him to do the same. I said," stay right behind me, walk when I walk, stop when I stop". We stalked our way within 20 yards of the pack. Most of them moved into the tree line, then one came out, stopped behind a low palmetto and I whispered draw back.

He stepped up beside me and drew his bow, he held it for a good minute and the hog went back the way it came. He drew down, I could see a few hogs were now moving to our left with a 8 foot clearing where he might get a shot. I again told him," get ready, I'll try to stop one in the clearing". One came through, then another, he had one more coming through the same spot. I said," draw back". He was right next to me again, I stopped the hog "meep" it was 17 yards. The arrow was loose on its way and "Waap" he killed the tree behind the hog.

I said "what happened?" He said," I was shaking like crazy and I could feel my heart pounding throughout my whole body!" I chuckled a bit and asked if he ever felt like that gun hunting? He told me," not like that! That was awesome!" I finally got him in his stand, I said, they'll probably be back. He did have a few come close, but couldn't get the right angle past the shooting rail. Needless to say he didn't get anything but he said he's never hunting with a gun again, unless it's turkey season. I would say he's hooked!

From: itshot

Impressive story ¡¡¡ Thank you for to share your thoughts with us¡¡¡ Congrats your son, Swampbuck. I wish to everyone Happy Thanksgiving with your beloved ones ¡¡¡

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