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I am blind I need help.
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Over the past few years, my vision has been degrading. I am now legally blind. According to state law, a hunter who is certified legally blind can use a weapon with a laser sight. My best friend will not let me use the excuse that I am blind to stop hunting. We are looking for a laser sight to mount on my crossbow. We just received one by mail order, but were dissatisfied because my hunting buddy, who will be my spotter, could not see the red dot on my deer target more than 12 feet away. Does anyone out there have any experience with a laser sight on a crossbow? Although I limit my shots to no more than 20 yards, I want a sight that will project it's beam farther than that to give us confidence that my buddy can see the red dot on my deer in bright light conditions. I cannot see to read, write, or drive. My central vision is completely gone. I have minimal peripheral vision. My granddaughter is typing this for me because I cannot see to do it myself.

From: OkieJ
Handgun laser Maybe? Have some look on Amazon. Good luck this season.

Thanks for the response. My buddy and I tried a handgun laser yesterday. My buddy who will be my spotter could not see the red dot more than 10 to 12 feet from the target. I have found a sporting goods store that has some rifle lasers instock and they told me if I bring my crossbow they will mount a laser for us to try out to see if it's going to work before we buy. We plan on trying it out tomorrow.

From: Okiebowdoc
They also make them in a green color would make it better to see on a deer I would think . Good luck and to your friend

X2 on the green laser much more powerful beam should get er done for ya just don't go cheap ya get what ya pay for good luck

How about a phone mount that attaches to the scope. The person next to you might be able to see the phone and tell you how to adjust. Here is a link to a youtube video that shows them on an airgun.

From: bpctcb
I'm a bit late, but... My brother is a scientist so I picked his brain about a laser to shine on deer in daylight. He suggested going to He suggested at least a 100mW laser. He said a 1watt laser would be visible on a deer for at least 100 yards; maybe even 200 yards. Be careful; these are not toys!


From: Jack
Maybe your buddy needs his eyes checked too?

From: SoDakSooner
The crimson trace laser on my pistol is pretty much invisible in the daylight. of absolutely no use but you might try the lasers that bpctcb suggested.

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