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From: Bou'bound
How are things going in SE Indiana What are the conditions like and what are you guys seeing. How is movement?

From: pav
Hey Grant.

I start vacation this weekend. Have not been up a tree with bow in hand yet, but have been in the SE Indiana woods every week since Labor Day.

It is dry here right now. We've had one significant rainfall (and it was a good one) in the past month.

Crops are coming down fast...with the majority already out of the fields.

The mast crop is spotty. A few oaks hit....but you will have to find them.

Seeing fewer rubs than normal so far....but lots of scrape activity. We have several trail cams on scrapes. Several bucks hitting each scrape...but mostly at night.

Be prepared for warmer then normal temps. Extended forecast looks pretty warm all the way up to firearm season.

Best of luck! Paul

NE Indiana is exactly like what Paul described. I found my first legitimate fresh rub line this morning. Cameras over scrapes show all activity at night. Rattled a little last Saturday and this with zero response. Leaves are probably 90% still up and the high this week is projected to be in the 70's mid week.

I hope it takes off before the gun opener gets here. Good luck when you come out Grant!

From: INbowdude
Too warm but the scrapes are starting to appear in west central Indiana. Forecast shows no sign of frost or freeze in the next 7-10 days. Mostly dry days as well. Best of luck to all!

From: JTV

JTV's embedded Photo
JTV's embedded Photo
Killed 10/28 .....190lbs, 8 pt ..... Jasper Co......

From: woodman
Congrats JTV. Nice looking buck.

From: Bou'bound
that works!

From: INbowdude

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