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Is South Dakota a good place to hunt?
South Dakota
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Vizio 28-Oct-16
Skullwerx 29-Oct-16
Vizio 30-Oct-16
Brotsky 31-Oct-16
Vizio 31-Oct-16
Griz34 31-Oct-16
Brotsky 01-Nov-16
From: Vizio
I am considering a move to South Dakota....specifically Jerald County. I currently live in Nebraska and can buy pretty much as many antlerless only tags as I want. I start hunting in September with a bow and finish in January with rifle, also muzzleloader hunting. Last year my daughter and I combined for 11 deer...2 of them bucks. We eat no beef, but venison instead. I going to be able to get at least 1 deer...possibly more every year? How does the draw of tags work? Any public land to use if I can't find private to hunt on?

From: Skullwerx
Should be able to kill more than 1. Can get East and west river archery. Rifle will be more challenging to draw.

From: Vizio
So it's a draw system? You can't just buy deer tags and go?

From: Brotsky
I usually kill 4 per year, 3 with archery tackle and one with the muzzleloader. The wife or daughter usually adds another 1 or 2. There is plenty of public land. It is a draw system for some tags, others are unlimited and can be purchased online.

From: Vizio
Thanks Brotsky. I appreciate the input. You hunt private? Public? From what I can see, I'd be in East River. Do you hunt East? West? From what I can see, the numbers aren't there for East river.

From: Griz34
Me and my two kids kill 7 to 10 deer per year all together between rifle muzzleloader and rifle. We hunt mainly east river with 1 to 3 trips west river each year to hunt mule deer, antelope and occasionally elk. About 90% of my hunting is done on public land. The only private land I hunt on is our farm up in Marshall county every other year with a rifle.

From: Brotsky
I hunt public and private, east and west of the river. You can get a tag west river, a tag east river, and an antlerless tag. Then get an antlerless ML tag every year. These are all guaranteed/unlimited tags. Then you just have to go fill them!

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