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Late Season Archery Hunt
South Dakota
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T-Roy 30-Oct-16
Brotsky 31-Oct-16
Vizio 02-Nov-16
Brotsky 03-Nov-16
Wis nick 06-Nov-16
Brotsky 07-Nov-16
Animal Killer 10-Nov-16
From: T-Roy
A friend and I are looking to come bow hunt in December. We are thinking either Black Hills or West River. Any suggestions on where to find deer? Archery licenses are over the counter, is this true? Thanks

From: Brotsky
Troy, licenses are unlimited. They cannot be purchased over the counter but you can get one at your leisure on the state game and fish website. Late season hunts often see deer bunched up on private land. That said often times you may be able to gain access if they are causing damage. Either of your choices would be fine and you should be able to find plenty of deer. Stay away from south central SD, bad EHD.

From: Vizio
Archery licenses are unlimited? And suppose I know someone with private land...would I be able to shoot as many as I want?

From: Brotsky
No, just one. 2 if your private land is in an area that allows antlerless harvest. They are unlimited in the sense that anyone can get one, there is no lottery.

From: Wis nick
I am also looking to come to south Dakota for a late season archery hunt, probably between Christmas and new years, I tried finding the answer in the regulations but couldn't find it, is a non resident unit specific or would the tag be good for black Hills and west river? Also what is best tatic for late archery black Hills deer?

From: Brotsky
Nick, your tag would be good for both of those areas. Late season is like late season everywhere, focus on food sources.

Late season is very tough no matter where you go. 1. Focus on food sources. 2. Find where the deer are gathered if its cold, if there is no snow cover but cold temps, the deer will stay in some of their tradition mid season spots but dont hope on that. 3. Spend lots of time behind your glass. Dont approach the deer unless you know you can be in a poistion to kill one. You might only get one shot at a buck but if you can pattern him or the herd somewhat its better than rushing in the first day and then watching them on the other side of the fence so to speak the rest of your time out there. Good Luck!!

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