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Whitetail Hunting In McCook Nebraska?
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BigBandit 01-Nov-16
bowcrazyJRHCO 01-Nov-16
tobinsghost 26-Nov-16
From: BigBandit
I am looking to plan a whitetail hunt to Nebraksa as I was able to get access to some Private Land. Could anyone tell me how the Whitetail Hunting and Pheasant Hunting is in McCook Nebraska? What type of Terrrain and weather to expect in late November? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

Since you are on private land, you will be golden! Lots of deer and birds in the area. The weather can vary just like your state. Be prepared for everything from hot to a blizzard. Have fun! Nebraska is very nonresident friendly state.

From: tobinsghost
How did your hunt go? I had a great 2 weeks hunting near McCook.

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