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Sight in Muzzies through mesh?
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Shufigo 06-Nov-16
Mike D 08-Nov-16
Shufigo 07-Dec-16
From: Shufigo
I'm shooting NAP Spitfires, and have been for years. Now I've put out a ground blind with shoot through mesh. OK, no mechanicals through mesh. My question is, "If I stay inside about 25 yards, do I need to do a sighting in if I shoot fixed 3 blade Muzzies?" I simply am trying to avoid dragging a target out into my hunting area. I sure don't want to drag the brushed in ground blind back in to my target area. Thanks for any help.

From: Mike D
How about getting a different piece of mesh and try it at home/range?

From: Shufigo
Thank you, Mike, for alerting me to the obvious. Did it, works just fine.

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