Can calls
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Hopper Daddy 07-Nov-16
Porcupine 09-Nov-16
DAVE EWERT 17-Nov-16
n2huntn 19-Nov-16
From: Hopper Daddy
Anyone use can calls? I have one I've been trying, but it's never seemed to do me much good.

I cannot honestly say I have ever had action from a can call.

I had one work on two separate occasions, but I think they are over-used today.

From: Porcupine
Mix it up with a few grunt calls, they work.

Porcupine is correct, the last 2 140-150 inch deer I have killed because of the can call. The buck has to be in the right state of mind. Grunts first then the can call. I will not hunt without it.

From: n2huntn
Shot a 9 Thursday before the gun season. He was 70-80 yards out going the other way when I hit the can once , he came to a dead stop . 2 more calls back to back he came in on a string. Muzzy at 22 yards did the job and I have fresh summer sausage today. It works for me the first week of November in Greene and Christian county

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