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Broadhead Question
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blacktailhunter 08-Nov-16
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Hi everybody, this is my first post here. After killing my first buck with a bow, I'm reconsidering my bh choice. I shot him at 15 yards with a 100 grain Schwacker. The bh went all the way through, but the arrow didn't completely pass through. I double lunged him! He ran 100 yards and expired quick. What I didn't like was the lack of penetration and also subpar blood trail. I'm shooting a Bear Anarchy set at 55 pounds with a 421 grain arrow. I'm thinking of moving up to a 125 grain bh and a fixed blade for better penetration and hopefully passthroughs. I'm thinking the slick trick mags or vipertrick. Gravediggers look good too. I'd love to here real world opinions on what works and why. Thanks in advance!

From: Tmartinez822
Hey Blacktailhunter! I personally also tried Swhacker and also was not impressed with them. I have recently used the G5 Montec CS and have had great success with penetration and good pass through. I would give those a try man. I also have a pack of the slick tricks and will use those on my next hunt. What area do you live in? Maybe we can link up sometime and go hunting sometime. ~Taylor

From: Joetech
Blacktailhunter, with your current set up I'd stick with a cut on contact fixed blade. You may even want to look at a two blade broadhead for better penetration.

I pass through everything with 125 grain VPA 3 blades - unvented. They stick in the ground afterwards. And I shoot a 52 lb bow.

I killed a coues buck this January and the arrow went through the spine and kept going. It was completely in half - you could move it apart after the backstraps were off.

Nice buck, grats.

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