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Around lake Isabella...
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Terawegner 13-Nov-16
willliamtell 23-Nov-16
From: Terawegner
Hey Everyone,

I finally have a free weekend to do a bit of scouting and was thinking of the Lake Isabella or Kern areas to scout. Anyone have any suggestions on where to look or to start looking?

From: willliamtell

As you can see, things are pretty clamped down re hunting opportunities in CA. Fishing not so bad, but hunting-wise the antis-libs are doing their best to kill it, and are pretty successful. Suggest you visit the DFPW website for some info, get online BLM area info, and contact the DFPW office in the areas you are interested in hunting. Whatever outdoor ranges or 3D shoots are in your area are also potential sources of info. Good luck!

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