Aquatic Management Areas and Hunting
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From: Tonybear61
I have noticed a few of these MN AMAs popping up in the state. Seems like its a public access tool for fishing and possibly hunting. However can't find a good link on DNR website or map listing anywhere.

Has anyone seen a good reference on where these places are??

From: 12yards
That is a tough one. Each one is managed differently. Some are conservation easements that protect habitat but do not provide access. Some you still need permission to hunt. I believe a lot of times, the signs at the AMA will have info on them as to whether you can hunt or not. Probably the best thing to do is contact your local DNR Fisheries Office to find out for sure.

From: Dwayne

Dwayne's Link
Tony, if you are looking for locations you can use the DNR Recreation Compass map tool. See the link I provided. To find a listing of all AMA's do a 'Search by Name' and type in 'AMA.'

From: Tonybear61
Thanks this helps. I wonder what "general use" means. The sign says hunting trapping as a restricted use on the one close by my place, website says "general use" for the same AMA. I did notice vehicles parked there during firearms season, hmmmm..

I also see some of the refuges are missing from the locator, but "other DNR land" spots I didn't know about are showing up too. All supplemented by the GPS coordinates so there is no doubt where the spot is.

Thanks Again

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