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Novice Couple Looking for our first Buck
New Jersey
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Lupo 21-Nov-16
elkman52 22-Nov-16
From: Lupo
Hey all! My wife and I have been hunting NJ zones 6 and 8 but haven't had much luck, what's our best bet in Northwestern NJ. The ruts almost over and I haven't seen any deer in the last few days. Also, why the hell do they start stocking pheasants in the middle of the frigin rut? Berkshire Valley WMA sounded like Vietnam last Saturday.

From: elkman52
Luigi,the state doesn't think that the bowhunters are more important than the small-game hunters in fact we're not.Try hunting some state land where they don't stock pheasants.And don't think the rut is over it just slows down a little,as long as there are does that wern't bred there will be bucks looking for them.

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