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Alexandria Bow hunting
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hunter3942 22-Nov-16
12yards 22-Nov-16
Mark Watkins 24-Nov-16
DanWarnest 26-Nov-16
hunter3942 28-Nov-16
From: hunter3942
New to the forum, anyway I love bowhunting and next fall I'll be living in Alexandria while I go to school there. I was wondering if any on here knew what the deer hunting is like there and if there is public land to bow hunt on? Any feed back appreciated thanks.

From: 12yards

Get on the DNR website and check out the Recreation Compass. There are public opportunities in the area.

From: Mark Watkins
Gabe, I live in Alexandria.....feel free to PM me....I'll buy you B Fast and share some ideas with you. We have very good deer hunting following two mild winters....some public land and a lot of private land and access is the key.

Mark What are you studying?

From: DanWarnest
You should probably just quit hunting all together after your trophy last year. Give it up. Really.

From: hunter3942
Where's your trophy this year Dan? maybe you should give it up since you didn't see any since Wednesday lol.

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