CWD found in two deer near Lanesboro
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Dwayne 22-Nov-16
jjs 23-Nov-16
Tonybear61 24-Nov-16
From: Dwayne

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Here we go...again.

According to a DNR news release today (see link) two bucks shot near Lanesboro during the first rifle season have tested positive for CWD. Only time will tell what impact that will have on future seasons and the deer herd in the area.

From: jjs
Be interesting if the CWD are in the 2 deer are in older bucks, from my understanding the older the deer the occurrence for CWD is greater, need a game biologist to confirm this, but wiping out the local herd is not the answer.

From: Tonybear61
Anyone want to place a wager on how close the nearest game farm is?? Seems to increase the chances of CWD in a lot of the cases I have seen.

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