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Rifle season
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greenmountain 24-Nov-16
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Rob in VT 28-Nov-16
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VTslinger 29-Nov-16
I know that few of us sit indoors in rifle season. There is no shame in that. Anyone here admitting to taking a deer in this other season?

From: Rob in VT
I hear RonOutdoors shot a beauty!

I have seen 8 deer and about 80 turkeys. Only 1 spike in the bunch, but am still getting pics of decent bucks at night.

From: VTslinger
I only hunted 3 days with a rifle this season. I prefer archery season but also will take any opportunity to fill the freezer. I saw 3 bucks and only 1 was legal. He was with 2 does and a fawn. He was much smaller than the 2 doe and I just didn't feel like I could do it.

From: ronsoutdoors

ronsoutdoors's embedded Photo
ronsoutdoors's embedded Photo
Hey Guys , I did shoot a rather large one during rifle .I would have never dreamed i would shoot a 200 lb deer but it did happen

From: Rob in VT
Congrats Ron! That is a beauty, especially in VT.

I can think of three reasons you got such a nice buck. Good scouting, Persistence and luck. The first two tend to make the other one happen more often. Thank you for sharing the photo.

From: VTslinger
That's a hog. Congrats.

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