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Is there wild hogs in the cottonwood are
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Tcasarez 26-Nov-16
IdyllwildArcher 26-Nov-16
elkmtngear 06-Dec-16
From: Tcasarez
Is there any wild hog in the cotton wood area east of I5?

DFG has a page on the website that shows the hog kills by county.

From: elkmtngear
There are hogs that have taken over Lake California...unfortunately...they reside on private land, and make night raids on that gated Community. Trust me, I've asked people about access.

It is doubtful you will find hogs on any of the (limited) public lands East of 1-5 (Like the Bend area). If you know someone with several thousand acres over there, you are golden! I'm lucky enough to have some private land access on just West of I-5 in that area...and killing pigs there is still a time-consuming process. There are some outfitters that offer some very good hunts in the region, though.

Best of Luck, Jeff

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