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DNR tells MN bowhunters to get lost
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Dwayne 29-Nov-16
rodb 29-Nov-16
Tonybear61 29-Nov-16
From: Dwayne

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In its Nov. 28th news release the DNR made it pretty clear they didn't want representation from Minnesota's many bowhunters. A statement in the release from Adam Murkowski, DNR big game program leader, included “These committee members represent a broad range of interests...” Sorry bowhunters but that 'broad range' does NOT include you! Not only was Minnesota Bowhunters Inc. not invited as an organization our President, Brooks Johnson, was not accepted as an "at-large" member. The news release stated 'Applicants were selected based on criteria including their knowledge of deer management, interests related to deer, familiarity with different areas of the state, and their interest and experience working collaboratively with a diverse group of individuals.' Brooks background and many efforts throughout his bowhunting and business history certainly document he meets all of these criteria. One must simply conclude that because Brooks has been critical of DNR past practices they simply didn't want him or anyone else from MBI on the group. Maybe the one most important criterion not officially stated is 'a willingness to go along with DNR's wishes.'

Sorry DNR but Minnesota's bowhunters deserve more! At this time it would appear as though any bowhunter input on Minnesota's deer management future may well have to be through the legislature.

The above link is to the DNR news release.

From: rodb
Mr. Johnson rejection to the committee really shouldn't surprise you. The people selected and time will tell if their work is going in the right direction. The biggest issue I see is that the DNR may never act on any of their proposals.

From: Tonybear61
one most important criterion not officially stated is 'a willingness to go along with DNR's wishes.'

Its been that way with just about every DNR committee formed. My Dad, Uncle and many relatives complained about that in the 60s-80s when I was starting bowhunting and even volunteering for "committee" meetings, etc. Times really haven't changed at all.

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