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Hogs in SE
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pescarconganas 01-Dec-16
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Silvercreek 03-Jan-17
Skippy 06-Jan-17
Hello, I'm curious if you all know anything about the hog population in the SE part of the state. I'll be visiting folks near Summerfield and have access to a few acres with a creek bottom. Sounds like it may hold pigs but I'm wondering if it's worth bringing the bow. Thanks for any info!

Daniel... if the landowners have seen them, I'd bring the bow. Please kill as many as you can. Also, if they will let you use an AK-47, use it too. :)

Thanks. They haven't confirmed hogs but the habitat sounds right and it doesn't get hunted (I think).

Yeah bring a bazooka and kill them all lol's pretty easy to get permission to kill them on private land

Any sightings near Boswell?

From: Skippy

Skippy's embedded Photo
Skippy's embedded Photo
If your ground looks like this you have hogs. It's pretty east to tell where they have been.

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