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Anyone Still Out There?
Rhode Island
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Bostoned 13-Dec-16
DeerDan 14-Dec-16
Bostoned 16-Dec-16
Bostoned 03-Jan-17
mrw 06-Jan-17
Bostoned 11-Jan-17
Red Godin 13-Jan-17
Bostoned 16-Jan-17
Bostoned 26-Jan-17
Red Godin 20-Feb-17
From: Bostoned
Is anyone still going? I didn't get out as much as I wanted earlier in the season so as of now I am planning on going with the crossbow until the bitter end. Hoping to get out there during Christmas vacation. If you're still out there, let's hear it.

From: DeerDan
I'll be going till the end

From: Bostoned
I think the forecast for Sunday the 18th is rain and 50's. If the rain holds out I might try to get out for an afternoon sit.

From: Bostoned
Finished up Muzzleloader in Massachusetts. Tag soup in mass. Now I've got 1 month left to try to get it done. Might take a couple vacation days that I rolled over into 2017 to see if I can put one down.

From: mrw
I'll be out in the snow this weekend in Foster. Love late season RI!

From: Bostoned
Made it out on Sunday the 8th for a couple hours. Saw a bunch of does all herded up but they saw me too as I was walking in. I didn't get a doe tag this year (my first hunting RI). Still trying to find my way around the WMA that I am hunting. The snow definitely helped me scout the area a bit more. Now I need to get out and either hunt one of the spots I marked on the GPS or do another walkabout on the other side of the property to see what I see. Probably going to take me some time to figure this place out but this weekend definitely helped.

From: Red Godin
Yep I'm still going in Situate and Foster until the 31st. Got 2 in the freezer but want another one to get me through till next season. I was sick for this last snow fall but hoping for another light snow...I find spotting them in your proximity in snow is easier. Good luck Guys!

From: Bostoned
You're doing way better than I am. Still holding my tag. But this is my first year hunting RI so it is unfamiliar territory. I'm still trying to get a lay of the land. The snow helped with that last weekend. This weekend it was gone. Tried sitting one of the spots I identified while there was snow on the ground. I think I'll be hanging a stand in there next year. But the WMA is so big that it will definitely take me some time to explore and identify other spots.

From: Bostoned
Well, tomorrow will be the end of my season. Heading out one last time to see if I can put a buck in the freezer. Not a bad first season hunting RI. I have really learned a lot about the area that I've been hunting and can't wait for next season to hang a couple stands and really put in a good effort. Good luck to anyone else that is still putting in the time.

From: Red Godin

Red Godin 's embedded Photo
Funny picture of a young buck...
Red Godin 's embedded Photo
Funny picture of a young buck...
On the 30th I saw at least 10 Whitetail at dusk but they stayed 100 or better yards away so I couldn't tell how many were doe or if any had racks. Thats the most deer I have ever seen grouped together at once in RI. Next year with such a mild winter we can count on lots of critters being around. Have a great summer....time to get my spearfishing gear in order!

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