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Archery unit 21
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Elkshoot 13-Dec-16
notags 14-Dec-16
Elkshoot 16-Dec-16
notags 16-Dec-16
From: Elkshoot
I'm looking at unit 21 for January archery. Any help will be appreciated. I'm from Ohio and can't scout. Looked at azgf website and read where to hunt in unit 21. If someone could point me in the right direction I would be very grateful..

From: notags
For deer or javelina?

Pig numbers are supposed to be down due to a parvo like outbreak that wiped out a lot of herds.

I know two people who hunted it on the general (rifle) muley hunt. One saw no muley bucks, the other shot a small fork horn on the 6th day. There are Coues deer as well. I think you are better off getting further way from metro Phoenix if you are coming out from Ohio, a little more travel time won't make a difference. Southern Az would be my choice, check out 36A. Little hunting pressure then, lots of pig, I always seen some great muley and whitetail bucks in January when I have been down there.

From: Elkshoot
Thanks I will look into 36a. I'm more interested in muleys than Whitetails. Is the northern part of Arizona better for muleys? Thanks for the help.

From: notags
Yes and no, the better units up north are a draw, and earlier hunts. There are still left over javelina tags for 36a, you can get them by mail at the Game and fish dept. Early January is the coues rut, and the muley rut is in December down that way, so the bucks are still pretty active. Good luck!

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